This Blue Flag or "Ka Hae" represents the main design for the hawaiian islands. Many have asked why would I create a custom flag to replace the flag we already have and the answer is simple: Im not replacing any flag. I decided to create a new design to get away from the original for my own personal reasons. Ka Hae Hawaii, even tho it is the original flag, in my opinion, it represents betrayal and breach of Treaty by the British. The Union Jack represents the British, thus on January 17, 1893, the British were nowhere. During the reign of the Provisional Government, the British Government recognized the Provisional Government thus betraying and Breached the Treaty of Friendship by and between the Hawaiian Kingdom and the British Government. So, on the custom designed flag, I removed the British symbol (Union Jack) and replaced it with the one symbol that best represents our people, our nation and our monarchy...the Hawaiian Kingdom Coat of Arms. The eight stars represents the 8 MAIN Hawaiian Islands and the eight Ruling Monarchs who are: King Kamehameha, King Kamehameha II (Liholiho), King Kamehameha III (Kauikeauoli), King Kamehameha IV (Alexander Liholiho), King Kamehameha V (Lot Kapuaiwa), King William Charles Lunalilo, King David Kalakaua and Queen Lili'uokalani. The Royal Blue represents the vast blue ocean. The cross represents the strong religious ties our Monarchs and people had back in the day. IN STOCK


The Red flag represents the Island of Hawaii or Big Island, since Red is the official color of the Big Island. IN STOCK


The Pink flag represents the Island of Maui, since Pink is the official color of Maui. IN STOCK


The Gray flag represents the Island of Kaho'olawe, since Grayis the official color of Kaho'olawe. OUT OF STOCK


The Blue flag represents the Island of Molokini, since Blue is the official color of Molokini. OUT OF STOCK


The Orange flag represents the Island of Lanai, since Orange is the official color of Lanai. OUT OF STOCK


The Green flag represents the Island of Molokai, since Green is the official color of Molokai. OUT OF STOCK


The Yellow flag represents the Island of O'ahu, since Yellow is the official color of O'ahu. OUT OF STOCK


The Purple flag represents the Island of Kauai, since Purple is the official color of Kauai. IN STOCK



The White flag represents the Island of Ni'ihau, since White is the official color of Ni'ihau. OUT OF STOCK